About a privacy policy

This privacy policy page explains about the way of handle the personal information of visitor for the use felt relieved.(I say "visitor information" as follows.)
Before you use this site please read the way of thinking of privacy protection and agree to its contents
It will be decided that it was agreed to a privacy policy by having you use this site.
About collection of personal information
We will collect personal information by the information you input based on an agreement when you use the service in this site.
In addition, in offline, for example in the case of an application with telephones, we will collect your personal information based on an agreement .

About a link site
I cannot take responsibility entirely about a statement and conents about privacy of a Web site administered by except us
We recommend that you read a statement about privacy in the use of a Web site linking to from this site.

About use of personal information
We will use your information for the purpose of use that we informed of when we collect your information, a purpose written in "About collection of personal information" or a following purpose .
Besides these purposes We don't use it except a case when mentioned in"about offer of information" and when you gave an agreement beforehand.

1. When it is judged to be necessary an offer of personal information by fate of laws and ordinances and an order of a court of law and the police or to cooperate with accomplishment of supervision duties of competent authorities and related trade group
2. As analysis of the use situation of this site, and as judgment materials for improvement of quality of this site, I may use visitor's information statistically, but I identify and analyze an individual .
3. When I offer and share whole or part of personal information with tie-up enterprises,we will try to let them observe this "privacy policy".
When the enterprise concerned violated fate of this "privacy statement",we will try to stop an offer of personal information or joint ownership immediately.

In this site,there is a case that we use personal information to send out merchandise and that we notify you about products and the service that we and the associated company offers. In addition, to listen your opinion about service we are considering to offer for the present and the future, I may ask you for answer to a questionnaire.

There is a case to ask other companies for representation in an email and disposal and dispatch of mail , an offer of user support, arrangement of delivery and processing of statistical analysis of this site. We offer only necessary personal information , these companies to carry out the service.
These companies bear duty to maintain a secret of visitor information, and it is forbidden using information in a purpose except it.
Personal information collected in a site is kept and disposed in our company,our associated company or a company of trust .

About an offer or joint ownership of information
We offer and share personal information of a visitor collected in this site with the enterprise where we tie-up or consign duties to .
On the occasion of an offer or joint ownership of information , I disclose only the information that is necessary for achievement of the purpose.
About all offer or joint ownership of information to these enterprise with which we tie-up or entrusts duties, we conclude obligation of keeping secrecy and a contract that prohibit the use except purpose.

About disclosure of personal information
When there is request of disclosure of information about yourself, I will accept it as a general rule in confirming that you are the person yourself .
About a method of collation, I will collate the information that only you know with information registered with our company.
In addition, I will demand the actual expenses about a fee with disclosure request.

About security of personal information
We try using various security technology to keep your personal information from unjust access and use or a leak and manipulation.
In addition, we regularly carry out education about the handling of information and security for not only the person in charge of duties but also for an entire company.

As for the inquiry about privacy policy and your personal information , please contact to the following windows.

A consultation window about visitor information
Telephone 050-1504-5592
FAX 050-3737-9871
3-10-3-507, Kamiyugi, hachiouji-shi, Tokyo

President-Director Satsuki Kobayashi
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